Multiple payment methods

Pre integrated payment methods

Many statuses


Many statuses

Distributed Order Management Engine

Simplify processes, maximise efficiencies, and deliver the best possible order fulfilment experience to customers

Unified Order Capture

  • Consistently capture every single order, regardless of how it is placed - over the phone, online or in the store

Allocation and Fulfillment Optimisation

  • Optimise inventory allocation and fulfillment time/cost with advanced order routing algorithms

Order Lifecycle Management

  • Enjoy an end-to-end view of order status and history across channels

Enterprise Real-Time Visibility

Integrated backend operations allow real-time transparency across all your channels, from stores, warehouse/fulfillment centers and customer service teams to management - with all data originating from a single source.

Seamless Order and Return Process

Flexibility in the order and return process provides a seamless experience for the customer. Orders can be made from any mobile device, in the store or directly with a customer service associate. Returns are equally convenient with the option to return to store or fulfillment center.