Multiple payment methods

Pre integrated payment methods

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Paypal
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Carte Bancaire

Many statuses


Many statuses

Distributed Order Management Engine

Simplify processes, maximise efficiencies, and deliver the best possible order fulfilment experience to customers

Unified Order Capture

  • Consistently capture every single order, regardless of how it is placed - over the phone, online or in the store

Allocation and Fulfillment Optimisation

  • Optimise inventory allocation and fulfillment time/cost with advanced order routing algorithms

Order Lifecycle Management

  • Enjoy an end-to-end view of order status and history across channels

Enterprise Real-Time Visibility

Integrated backend operations allow real-time transparency across all your channels, from stores, warehouse/fulfillment centers and customer service teams to management - with all data originating from a single source.

  • Simplified order tracking and returns – throughout the order life cycle – by consolidating customer activities.
  • Team empowerment to optimize customers’ experiences and act as efficient business advocates
  • Management visibility to analyze reports and optimize profitability.
  • Efficient and effective inventory management results in revenue optimization and a reduction of lost sales due to stockouts.
  • Aggregated inventory view of all direct sales channels.

Seamless Order and Return Process

Flexibility in the order and return process provides a seamless experience for the customer. Orders can be made from any mobile device, in the store or directly with a customer service associate. Returns are equally convenient with the option to return to store or fulfillment center.

  • Provide customer convenience while building brand integrity
  • Give customer service agents an end-to-end view of order status, order history, and available-to-sell inventory.