Run your dynamic order-to-cash process on Zuora Central


Introducing Zuora Central

  • Zuora Central is the world’s only subscription order-to-cash platform that makes it easier and simpler for companies to manage ongoing subscriber relationships, and keep up with fast changing go-to-market strategies.

Central security model

  • We safeguard information with government-level encryption and meet a long list of industry compliance standards.. Every node in our infrastructure is protected with firewalls and network intrusion detection systems. 2-factor authentication Single Sign-On IP address range restrictions Data access controls

Central platform for everything order-to-cash

  • Zuora seamlessly integrates into your enterprise ecosystem. Our extensive library of REST and SOAP APIs make it easy to connect the dots between all the solutions in your ecosystem. Get going with pre-built integrations with CRM, gateways, tax engines, general ledgers, and more Orchestrate business processes between systems with a point-and-click workflow engine Rapidly develop custom APIs with a native developer console Consult a library of reusable apps to accelerate custom development

Subscription Quoting

Configure, price, & quote for recurring revenue businesses

Nurture customers during the full subscription lifecycle

  • Did you know an average of 26 changes occur over the life of a subscription? In addition to new subscriptions, give your team the chance to manage renewals, upgrades, downgrades, add-ons, and cancellations in Salesforce. Bring subscriptions into Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, partner portals, and Salesforce1-powered applications.

Gain visibility across all subscriber activities

  • Arm your sales, service, and marketing teams to make faster, smarter decisions with up-to-the-minute information on key subscriber activities, including invoices, overdue payments, refunds, usage patterns, and more.

Recurring Revenue

Recognize recurring revenue & stay aligned with your accounting solutions

Stay consistent with your accounting applications and speed up the monthly close process

  • Setup Zuora to stay aligned with your other financial and accounting applications. Create a chart of accounts and accounting periods that mirror your accounting system. Take advantage of Zuora’s accounting close summary reports to accelerate your close process.


Measure your business & understand your subscribers



  • As a subscription business, you need a whole new set of non-GAAP metrics that allow you to measure the health and performance of your business. Metrics such as MRR, Usage, Churn, Revenue and Deferred Revenue that traditional financial systems can’t give you. With Zuora, you can keep an eye on your business and align your entire organization around a common set of subscription metrics.

Deeply understand your subscribers

  • Using the right metrics and utilizing subscriber behavior can help boost your business growth. Zuora uniquely combines financial, demographic, and behavioral data to give you a unified view of your subscribers whether by accounts or individual users.

Uncover actionable insights

  • Asking simple questions about your business like; which customers have the highest net retention rates, which customers are growing the fastest, or what usage patterns build the best champions, shouldn’t be difficult but it is. Making sense of thousands of varying data points often takes a lot of time and resources. The Zuora solutions allows you to easily group your subscribers by common traits and behaviors to find insights you can act on.

Subscription Management

Price & package your products with unlimited flexibility

Subscription Management

Mix and match pricing strategies

  • We’ve learned that subscriptions usually follow a mix of 7 pricing strategies. Mix-and-match strategies to design creative offerings that will retain subscribers and help your business grow.

Test new subscription pricing models .... fast

  • How often does your business question: Is your pricing strategy working? When’s the last time you reviewed your pricing model? Every time you need to change pricing or packaging, Zuora lets you quickly do so without interrupting your existing customers’ subscriptions. Pricing changes are uniquely UI driven, and can be instantly updated across every channel.

Automate your business.

  • The subscription model is no longer about a one-time sale. Your customers are now renewing their relationship with you, upgrading or downgrading to suit their needs, and constantly engaging with your product. With every change that your customer makes, Zuora automates the downstream impacts for you. Whether it’s invoicing, payment collections, or revenue recognition, these changes are automatically calculated and adjusted in real-time. Now, doesn’t that make life easier?

Global Payments

Let your subscribers pay using their preferred payment method

Global Payments

Automate collections

  • It takes a lot of time and resource to chase overdue payments, especially if you’re billing customers regularly. You can set up a variety of collection processes for different groups of customers and automate payments with auto-pay schedules.

Handle errors intuitively

  • You can proactively update invalid credit cards and prevent failed payments before they happen. How do you handle failed payments? Instead of applying a blanket solution, configure payment retry rules specific to your subscribers.

Manage the full payment lifecycle

  • In addition to processing PCI-compliant recurring payments, you can manage refunds, credits, reconciliation, and other payment-transactions in Zuora. That means any accounting impacts are automatically applied, saving your business time and money!

Multi-Channel Commerce

Let customers securely create subscriptions & manage their accounts

Multi-Channel Commerce

Let customers manage their entire subscription lifecycle

  • With Zuora’s extensive SOAP & REST APIs, you can create a self-service hub to let your customers modify plans, view past payments, preview invoices, and even check usage. Put the whole experience in your customer’s’ hands and rest assured that any changes they make are seamlessly synced back to Zuora.

Have complete control over the user's experience

  • Build upon Zuora’s APIs and payment pages to design a unique checkout experience completely aligned with your brand identity

Simple to configure and use across every channel

  • Configure credit card validations, required fields, and the checkout flow directly in Zuora. Simply embed the iframe on your website, mobile app, or CRM and have customers start using it straight away.

Create a dynamic, localized payment experience

  • Managing a global business, its vital to localize the user experience. With translations available for all labels, error messages, and text elements, the language of a payment page can easily match a user’s locale.

Recurring Billing

Automate recurring billing & collections

Recurring Billing

Send a clean, clear, and accurate invoice - every time

  • Your customers need to know how they’re being billed. An accurate and easy to understand invoice means less calls to the support center and happier customers. Use a wide range of invoice template capabilities such as grouping, subtotals, and conditional logic to design and configure invoice templates in Zuora.

Support any pricing strategy with Zuora's billing engine

  • Give yourself the flexibility to price however you want. Bill customers monthly, quarterly, annually, or any other period of time. Start a subscription when a service is provisioned, when a customer signs-up, or at any other milestone Rate usage in real-time or after a certain period Align billing dates according to the start of the subscription, the customer’s choice, or a host of additional attributes

Bill for complex account hierarchies without breaking a sweat

  • A company with 50 offices usually doesn’t want to receive 50 separate bills. No matter how complex a company’s account hierarchy, Zuora can consolidate recurring billing, invoice ownership, invoice transfers, and even payment terms to match a customer’s billing preferences.