Connectivity: Internal & External

We seamlessly and rapidly enable connectivity to any and all systems. This includes internal, external and third-party. Proof point integrations can be accomplished in a a matter of days and full-tested, approved and live in a matter of weeks. Where API connectivity doesn't exist we can in many cases build an API for your legacy systems. This saves you time and money in developing & maintaining multiple integrations.


  • We super-aggregate across payment methods, allowing you to seamlessly connect to multiple payment gateways, acquirers and aggregators. You can use this to switch traffic to the best rate, provide back-up systems for disaster recovery, ease the pain of migration and consolidation or add new payment methods like carrier billing.

Identity & Authentication

  • We also connect to multiple identity and authentication providers. This delivers you similar benefits to payment connectivity and adds another component necessary for many customer journeys.

Other Systems

  • We also connect to any other systems needed to deliver a real-time and automated customer journey. This includes but is not limited to: e-commerce platforms, loyalty systems, in-store ordering, card-terminals (PED), property management systems, booking platforms.


We support all payment processes working closely with Worldpay.

Authorise and Capture

  • We support a single or two step (Authorise and Capture) payment process. In the case of the latter we also support Authorise with deferred Capture. The authorise can be set to be the maximum amount for the deferred capture. The deferred capture is the actually transacted amount and is not processed until your systems instruct us to do it. An authorised can be cancelled prior to deferred capture. Post capture, refunds and reversals are handled via the selected acquirer that performed the payment.

Interchange ++ and next day reimbursement (T+1)

  • As a multi-acquirer service we can enable you to dynamically select the best interchange++ rates available across the acquiring services you wish to enable. T+1 can then be negotiated seperately with that underlying acquirer.