Subscription Management

For a subscription business, offering abundant choice in your products or service is vital. And bundled plans valued at different price points lets your customers choose as they like. From free to one-click trial and trial extensions, iterative pricing experiments, Chargebee’s Plan and Trial management lets you do a lot more than merely sell your subscriptions.

Plan Management

Trial Management

Baked-in Coupon Management

Addons and Discount Management

Invoicing and Dunning Management

Sleek, simple and exhaustive. Our invoices balance elegance with clarity, security and ease of access. Send beautiful invoices that capture everything - accurate proration, the right taxes, relevant notes for line items - with complete compliance adherence. And fight involuntary churn with a smart dunning process that works with automated reminders, and configurable retry rules

Offline Invoicing

Credit Notes

Handling Excess & Partial Payments

Dunning for Online and Offline Payments

Advance Invoices

Net Days Payment Terms


Don’t let the lack of payment options limit your reach. Spoil your customers with payment options - cards, checks, direct debit, online wallets - Chargebee will help you get them all off the ground.

Card Payment Gateway

Offline Payments - cash, checks, bank transfers and postal orders.

Direct Debit with ACH, SEPA, BACS and Autogiro

Payment Wallets

Taxes and Accounting

Put an end to messy tax compliance with multiple tax profiles. Country specific taxes can be configured at product/service level. And generate relevant Tax Reports in Chargebee. We handle general tax, Avalara tax for North America, EU VAT compliance and customised tax globally. Automate bookkeeping and draw revenue recognition reports based on your business requirements. And with our Xero and QuickBooks Online integrations, revenue reconciliation is a click of a button.

Sales Tax (US, EU VAT & Global Taxes)

Inclusive and Exclusive Tax Support

Single & Multiple Tax Regions

Multiple Tax Profiles

Avalara Tax Support

Automated Accounting with Xero and QuickBooks Online

Payment Reconciliation between Chargebee, Stripe, Xero/QuickBooks

Go global with Localization

From languages to currencies to taxes, let Chargebee localize your interna7onal billing requirements. The world is your oyster. Go global from day one.

Multilingual Support

  • Cut down language barriers and communicate with your customers in their language. Chargebee supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and more.

Multi-Currency Pricing Support

  • Collect payments from anywhere, in over 100+ currencies, with our multi-currency support

Multiple Tax Profiles Configuration

  • EU VAT, US Sales Tax, GST ? Put an end to messy tax compliance with Chargebee’s multiple tax profiles feature

Multiple payment gateway accounts

  • Connect multiple accounts of same payment gateway with the Smart Routing feature.

Reporting and SaaS Metrics

When you have different payment channels, changing subscriptions and customers around the world to stay on top of, Chargebee's metric dashboard, doubles up as your assistant and your source of truth, with all the essentials to track the health of your business, at the tap of a button.

Basic and Advanced SaaS Metrics

Account Summary Report

Deferred Revenue Report

Revenue Recognition Report

Abandoned Cart Tracking

Abandoned Cart Reports - Abandoned & Recovered carts

Integrations from Lead to Ledger and Customer Success

Different teams have different needs. Billing ties to every aspect of our business - Helpdesk, marketing automation, sales CRM to Accounting and Analytics Chargebee’s powerful integrations. Connect your revenue to your decisions.

Sales Integrations

  • The seamless integration between Chargebee and Salesforce gives you the complete flexibility to handle the everything from nurturing, to onboarding, to billing.

Support and Success Integrations

  • Our integration with Zendesk, Groove, and Freshdesk will help you deliver exceptional customer service by providing subscription details right in the helpdesk.

Accounting and Tax Management Integrations

  • Automate the mundane but critically important. All your billing and sales tax management needs are synced automatically into Xero, QuickBooks Online and Avalara.

Marketing Integrations

  • Create beautiful marketing & communication campaigns with MailChimp, by segmenting your subscribers, and with Refersion, ReferralCandy, Friendbuy, and LeadDyno for strong affiliate and referral management.

Advanced SaaS Reporting

  • Numbers matter. Benefit from real-time reporting and analytics for your subscription businesses, with Chargebee’s partnership with ChartMogul, Grow, and Google Analytics and ProfitWell

APIs, DevOps and Others

Tailor Subscription Billing for your Customers. Work with our robust APIs and SDKs. Build amazing experience with basic as well as advanced recurring billing.

Subscriptions, Payments, Invoicing. And one API to rule them all

  • - Elegant REST API to personalize billing workflow - Extensive API docs & guides - Metadata JSON Store - Custom fields for extendable models - Search & filter API capabilities - Configurable Events and Webhook - Client libraries include cURL, Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, .NET, NODE

Contextual, Intuitive Recurring Billing System

  • - PCI-compliant Hosted Checkout Pages - Seamless integration across multiple gateways - Paypal, ACH, Bank Transfers, Offline and lot more - Powerful Integration with Stripe - Tax compliant invoices - Fully customizable open source portal - Extensive API docs & guides