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Magento 2 Plugin

Built from scratch just for Magento 2, Worldpay can announce our leading global and omnichannel payments plugin for Magento

Advanced Routing

With optile‘s advanced routing you decide how your payment transactions are being distributed between the connected payment partners. By spreading risks between your providers, our advanced routing helps you to avoid down time, improve your payment success rate, save costs and even A/B test providers or payment methods.

Yourcegid Retail

Empowering 1,000 retailers worldwide


One step ahead with realtime Omni Channel Business


Real-time SAP data on day 1. We do SAP eCommerce in the cloud for B2B & B2C. 90-day implementation windows at a fraction of competitors' costs.
Oracle Xstore Plugin

Our global payment integration will enable your business to support commerce anywhere. In Store, Online, In App.

Order Management

A native integration between Commerce Cloud Order Management & Worldpay


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Oracle Xstore Plugin

Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service significantly improves retail operations by securing customers’ sensitive data and maintaining compliance with the industry’s PCI validation standards

Oracle Commerce Plugin

It's a great plugin that really helps integrate Oracle Commerce to Worldpay. It addition, you can connect it to our XStore POS proposition

Oracle Retail

A preintegrated omnichannel suite addresses the issue of solution components not working together. This eliminates the pain retailers face to build their own suites, takes care of the integration challenges and delivers a true omnichannel experience.

Commerce Cloud Cartridge

Worldpay, part of the Ohana, offer a certified cartridge provides customers and system integrators with extensive functionality. Containing all the features our customers need to have a industry leading customer experience.

Shopify Plugin

Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.

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