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SAP Commerce Cloud OCC API App

The only API App to a payments partner in the SAP Commerce Cloud eco-system! Unlock the potential of SAP Commerce CLoud and its service-oriented commerce integration layer.

SAP Commerce Cloud Financial Services App

The Financial Services Accelerator is a tailor-made omnichannel solution for direct insurance companies – but also other financial services providers like retail banks etc. – looking to develop a more streamlined, seamless, personalized customer experience, while meeting the unique needs of their industry.

ABeam Digital® QEP yCOM solution

yCom: yCom is a solution for the business-to-business enterprise that leverages integration of SAP Hybris Commerce with SAP S/4HANA to support starting up an ecommerce business or to reduce costs via a more efficient order process, using a web payment function. By taking advantage of pre-defined sales/logistics business processes on SAP S/4HANA, implementation can be completed in a minimum of 16 weeks.


Velocity is the payment industry's first Mobile-PSP-as-a-Service (MPaaS), created specifically for airlines and travel operators. Based on CellPoint Mobile's industry expertise and built-for-mobile solutions, PSP functionality can now be handled as a plug-and-play business service, enabling airlines and travel operators to deploy mobile-centric payment solutions quickly, seamlessly, securely and profitably.


Unified APIs for inventory, carts, the checkout process, payments and more, so you can focus on creating seamless customer experiences at any scale.

Cardprotect from Semafone

Cardprotect from Semafone is a patented data capture solution which collects payment card details directly from the customer’s telephone keypad for processing, taking the call centre out of scope for PCI DSS.


With one Central platform plus six Zuora products, our family of cloud technologies empowers businesses to modernize their legacy order-to-cash systems with a new architecture designed to orchestrate and automate the entire lifecycle of their subscribers. Now isn’t that a beautiful thing?

EPAM SPARK for SAP Commerce Cloud

With customizable prebuilt features and integrations like these in SPARK, your enterprise and its customers won’t have to wait long to unlock the power of SAP Commerce Cloud.


Pazien is the first payments analytics platform that automatically gathers your processor, gateway and order management data and breaks the numbers down for you. No Excel spreadsheets. No IT effort.


The worlds most powerful digital platform. We manage thousands of online stores, billions of dollars and more than 8,000 deployments per year.

Amadeus Airport Pay

Take control of EMV airport payments to reach more passengers and convert more sales.

Amadeus Payment Capture

Control how you manage your settlements to save money and increase efficiency with Amadeus Payment Capture